Cooking Heroes is an action game made in 6 day by a single dev for the Bored PIxel jam ( it's my first jam ). In this game you take the role of a demon gourmet. You need to catch poor humans, elfs and dwarves to feed your hungry customers.  Satisfy their needs by catching and turning to food the strongest heroes to ever exist !

How to play :  
Move : WASD or arrow keys
Grab/Throw : Left click
Eat/Kill a grabbed dwarf chieftain : Right click
Restart : R
Go back to menu : Escape
Debug : Numpad 1 and Numpad 2, can help you if you are stuck in a grabbing stance with nothing in hand or when you have someone in hand and you can't throw him. 

Feed your clients with the right food to get points. The higher the score the harder it gets. You have a time limit,  cooking a hero grant additional time. 

Credits : 
Music : Pixelland by Kevin Mcleod / Pixelland Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Arts :
0x72 - ,
Mochii -
Superdark - ,
Henry Sofware -
XYEzawr -
Gif -
Lorc : /µ
Delapouite : /µ

Sounds are from  : Outroelison, herrabilbo, renatalmar, dominikbraun, projectsu012, jofae_8, joanaseabra, insprectorj, denao270, ihitokage, bone 66138, colorscrimsontears, and brendan89, all sounds are from the website except the voices that i've made. 

Thanks to Armiox for helping me making the tutorial clearer and for playtesting.
Thanks to Ciel, LeProtagoniste and my brother for testing the game while he was in development. 

Known bugs : 
Being able to grab multiple things at once if they are too close.
In the lvl 3 sometime the zombie client take the food of every client.  In the lvl 3 sometime the dwarf chieftain spawn too much times. 

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